As I sit here in my hospital bed performing the recommended breathing treatments to nurse my lungs back to health, I still ask myself “did that really happen?” Did my wife, brother-in-law, youngest son and I actually live through an accident?

Becky & David Warrior Dash 2011 - Cedar Creek

This past Saturday, November 19, 2011, we were returning from Cedar Creek where my wife, Becky Miller, and her brother, David Crumpton, completed their first ever Warrior Dash, a 3+ mile, 12 obstacle run from hell. As I was chauffering the newly crowned “warriors” home, we were hit from behind by an 18 wheel semi. Our compact car was pushed into the car in front of us, bounced and spun into oncoming traffic where we were hit by an SUV before coming to a stop. We were less than a mile from home, adding to the 52% “accidents close to home category”.

The air bags deployed and all four of us had to be cut from the car using the “Jaws of Life”. All of us were taken to the trauma center at University Medical Center Brackenridge Hospital in Austin. Becky was airlifted, and David, Chris and I arrived by ambulance. None of us remember much about the accident because we all blacked out, which is definitely God’s grace in action. God’s grace is the only thing holding us all together. It is His grace that none of us died. It is His grace we sustained treatable injuries. It is His grace that will see us through the coming days, weeks and months.

Here is an update on each of us:

David: Front Passenger seat

  • Injuries: Broken ribs, bumps, bruises & abrasions
  • Treatments: medication, breathing treatments
  • Hospital Status: Released Saturday, 11/19/2011

James: Driver seat

  • Injuries: 5 broken ribs, cracked sternum, partially collapsed lung, knee injury, bumps, bruises & abrasions
  • Treatments: medication, breathing treatments, knee unknown
  • Hospital Status: Regular room, release pending stable oxygen levels

Chris: Back Driver seat

  • Injuries: 6 broken ribs, broken collarbone, broken & displaced pelvis, knee injury, laceration, bumps, bruises & abrasions
  • Treatments: medication, physical therapy, breathing treatments, knee surgery
  • Hospital Status: ICU/IMC/Regular room, release pending physical therapy

Becky: Back Passenger seat

  • Injuries: Broken neck, broken shoulder, broken collarbone, broken ribs, bumps, bruises & abrasions
  • Treatments: Neck, shoulder & collarbone surgery 11/22/2011; Rest is unknown at this moment
  • Hospital Status: ICU

We still have a long road of recovery, individually and as a family. I will post updates here, so they are in a single location. We are so grateful to everyone who made Facebook & Twitter explode with prayer for my family. It was like a shot heard around the world. So many believers from different countries were standing in the gap. Our Lord heard your prayers and spared our lives. Please continue to pray for us.

Clearly a 2008 Dodge Caliber is no match for a 1996 Ford Aeromax semi.

7 thoughts on “Grace”

  1. Wow you guys….I’m not even sure what to say!  I’m so glad everyone made it through this.  We love you and are thinking about you and praying you all heal up quickly!

  2. James,

    Please keep us posted. On this day, I would like to share how grateful I am that you have touched my life. We have known each other for sometime now, and you have helped me in many ways. Thank you for your enthusiasm and the light that you bring into my life. My prayers are with you and yours.


    Debye and Ryleigh

  3. Dear Cousins,
    I am so sorry this happened to you.  I will pray for your quick recovery.  You just never ever know what will happen in life.  Take care, Dawn

  4. Never underestimate the power of God in prayer, especially the POWER of global Christ followers. This was sent to me from @jasonbollinger:twitter : 


    Jason, I do not know the millers personally, but please let them
    know that I as well as many Many people that I work with in Nepal are lifting
    them up. Thank you for the updates where I can share with my house church in
    Nepal. Praising God for his grace and that he brings physical as well as
    spiritual healing. 

    Amy parker

  5. God is a good God… @johnnyhopkins14:twitter & I just got discharged. @beckyjmiller:twitter is moving out of ICU to the Intermediate Care [IMC]… 

    My Aunt Lisa said it best on #Facebook: Jorge-Elisa Torres Unbelievable!! Is all I can say! Yes, there is God and the power of a prayer can work miracles. We will have many, many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I send you and your family my love and will continue to pray for a full a speedy recovery! Aunt Lisa

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