Help Find Sadie…

******* PTL! ‪#‎SadieBear‬ is back home. She’s safe, tired & has a slight limp. Will take her to vet in the morning. Thx to all who prayed & reposted. *******

Last night when we got home from celebrating the 4th with family, we went through our normal routine of letting the dogs out & getting settled. Sadie, my daughter’s almost 2 year old lab-mix, came down to greet us. The outside lights to the house hadn’t been turned on, so everything was dark. I hit the lights to back yard & let Sadie out to do her business. Then went straight upstairs to get my son’s 8 month old great pyrenees-mix & let her out. Normally by the time we get the 2nd dog down & out, the 1st is done & we do the doggy potty swap shuffle at the door. Well Sadie wasn’t waiting at the door. I didn’t think too much about it since fireworks were going off all over & she may have been a little more anxious while out. I let Bailey out & called for Sadie. Sadie is just a good dog. She always comes when you call her, but this time no response. I called again, turned on the flash light to my phone & began to check the yard. She was no where to be found. I checked the gate & it was tightly latched. I made another check of the yard then ran inside to let Becky know Sadie was gone. She went out front to call for her while I checked the rest of the house, per chance I missed her sneak in while letting Bailey out. When I caught up with Becky outside, she said that a car, which was parked in front of the house when we arrived was no longer there. It’s not like Sadie to run or go with strangers. As a matter of fact, she’s is so protective of the family, she’s good for ripping your hand off before shaking it. This entire ordeal lasted less than 3 minutes. Since it’s not in Sadie’s nature to run & she would have gone to the front door even if she had got out. We realized whomever was in the car most likely took her. Our evaluation of the situation even gets creepier. We believe whomever owned that car was most likely already in the backyard planning to do something to the house, since it was completely dark inside & out. When I turned on the outside light & let Sadie out, that changed their plan & Sadie was swept up out of haste. This seems like an episode of the Twilight Zone. No signs of force on the gate, no blood, no signs of scuffle, fighting or disturbance on the grass. I just mowed, so there is a layer of grass clippings over the entire yard. No sign of foot prints or whatever. So, I write this in hopes whomever reads this, especially if you are in the San Marcos Texas area, will repost & be on the lookout for Sadie. She has a rabies tag & name tag with our daughter’s phone number on it. She has an ID chip that I am going to report her stolen with the company. She was wearing a pink collar with orange bow. She is very skittish & anti social to strangers. Will most likely come across as unfriendly, cower & bark/growl fiercely. If you see her or hear of a dog matching this description, please contact us immediately.

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  1. ******* PTL! ‪#‎SadieBear‬ is back home. She’s safe, tired & has a slight limp. Will take her to vet in the morning. Thx to all who prayed & reposted. *******

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