Warrior Princess

Becky holding the “Warrior Princess” sign my sister-in-laws made while she was in ICU. (BTW, I got her permission to post this picture)

One week after almost being taken out by a semi, Becky is settled into the home recovery phase. Home health services dropped off an electric adjustable bed so she can be most comfortable when she is sleeping. Although, she has around 90 days in the halo, it has not stopped her recovery progress. Having already blown away all hospital recovery milestones, she has wasted no time with her home recovery. She’s out of bed by 10am and doesn’t go back until 9pm, been up & down the stairs, has no issues eating or using the facilities. I echo what I’ve heard so many say concerning her the past week, “She is the strongest woman I know!” She is my “Warrior Princess”.

Chris and I will be attempting to get back into the swing of things as well. He is planning to go to school Monday, 11/28, and I back to work Wednesday, 11/30. God has truly delivered us from the darkness of this accident and into His marvelous light of LIFE. I am so grateful to our family, friends and church network. We couldn’t be where we are had it not been for everyone’s prayers, encouragement and support.

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